Safety Solution Resources
Safety Solution Resources was founded to empower organizations to create a safer workplace for their employees. By maintaining a network of partnerships with a number of well-respected providers of safety products and services, we have the capacity to offer a broad range of solutions that meet the specific safety needs of our clients in both a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Safety Training & Education
  • Safety Program Development & Administration
  • Security Consultation Services
  • Safety Equipment & Work Apparel

Our extensive access to industry resources gives us a unique ability to develop and deliver customized safety solutions that not only meet industry requirements, but also facilitate increased profitability through the reduction of workplace accidents, incidents, and injuries. We have worked within the Telecommunications, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, and Medical Industries to manage the safety risks associated with each particular field of business. And the testimonials from our client base exemplify our skill and expertise in helping each organization accomplish its specific safety program goals.

At Safety Solution Resources, we maintain an absolute commitment to the principles of service, integrity, and professionalism. Our core philosophy involves a dedication to customer-focused approaches that accurately identify client needs and ensure the delivery of the right solution. We believe that our success is dependent upon the embodiment of these key business concepts and always strive to provide a standard of excellence that our customers can expect and depend on.

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