Safety Solution Resources
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Duration: 1 days/8 hours


This course will familiarize the student with the recommended signage to be utilized on most communications related job sites and equipment to assure personnel and equipment safety.

This four hour course, as prescribed by industry and OSHA standards, will teach workers in the telecommunications construction industry the recommended site and equipment associated signage to be utilized on the typical communications construction job site.


 Construction Site Signage and Information

  •  Emergency Contact/Response Information
  •  Material Safety Data Sheets
  •  Hazard Communication Labels/Signs
  •  Signage and Labeling
  •  Workplace Safety Signage
  •  Site/Work Zone Signage
  •  Equipment Signage – Capacity Charts/Graphs
  •  Transport Safety Signs
  •  Traffic Control – Flagger Safety
  •  Tower Signage – Hand Signals
  •  Confined Space Signage
  •  Utility Safety Signage
  •  Fire Safety Signage
  •  Personal Protection Signs/Symbols

Referenced Standards:
• OSHA 1910.1200 – Hazard Communication
• OSHA 1910.1201 – DOT Markings Placards and Labels
• OSHA 1910.144 – Marking Physical Hazards
• OSHA 1910.147 – Lockout – Tagout
• DOT 49 CFR – Hazmat Regulations

Certifications/Completion Cards Received After Successful Completion:
wallet-sized certification card 

Required Equipment:
Work boots (steel-toed preferred), cotton pants and cotton long sleeve shirts. Bring PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)