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  • An employee settled a workers’ comp claim with his employer for a lump sum and waived all future claims. Not long afterward he died from his injury, and his widow filed to collect death benefits, which the employer refused to pay. How did a court rule?  Steven Baytos worked for Family Dollar Stores in Kentucky […] [MORE]

  • With a GPS fleet tracking solution in place, you can help improve productivity, accountability and profitability. Whether you manage two vehicles or dozens, keeping the costs of fuel and maintenance down is a primary concern for any fleet owner. With GPS fleet tracking solutions, you can pinpoint exactly where your vehicles and field workers are […] [MORE]

  • With everything you manage – from facilities to equipment to vehicles – you’ve got your hands full. Keeping track of the maintenance these assets require is an ongoing task, one that can quickly become overwhelming and a paperwork nightmare if not handled properly. This is why companies large and small, in any number of industries, […] [MORE]

  • Hurricane Irma was a game-changer in tropical storm force. It was also a game-changer for the National Weather Service as an example of a strategy shift it started to pursue four years ago. Safety pros can learn from this strategy shift by the government agency that helps others prepare for weather disasters.  An article in […] [MORE]

  • Sister Margaret Ann probably doesn’t realize she’s helped create a safety video – of what NOT to do when using a chainsaw.  It’s hard to criticize anyone helping in the cleanup after hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But there’s no reason anyone should add to the tragedy caused by these two monster storms by getting seriously injured […] [MORE]

  • Did this employer intentionally create a dangerous working condition that made the worker’s injuries “substantially certain” to occur?  Quintino DiNino Jr. worked for FedEx as a materials handler. He was injured at work when he fell into a gap between the truck that he was unloading and the loading dock. The trucks were equipped with […] [MORE]