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Duration: 1 day/8 hours
Ratio: 12 students/1 instructor

The Confined Space Wind Awareness course is recommended for persons conducting work around confined space environments and who need to work at height inside a wind turbine.


Working in confined spaces within the wind industry presents unique challenges that require close adherence to safe confined space/enclosed space entry procedures and practices. This awareness training program focuses on understanding and recognizing confined/enclosed spaces within wind turbines. This training is intended to introduce the delegate to confined space risks, and hazards, understand the responsibilities and procedures involved when working on wind turbines. The delegate must carry a certificate of training in Safe Access & Rescue training for wind energy.


  • Introduction to confined/enclosed space
  • Hazards of confined/enclosed space
  • Legislation that governs confined space procedures
  • Pre-entry requirements
  • Entry plan and permit procedures (open & close)
  • Training requirements and record keeping
  • 4-Gas monitor operation
  • Half mask use and maintenance
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Basic requirements involved with non permit and permit-required procedures,
    atmospheric testing and extraction and ventilation concerns.

Certifications/Completion Cards Received After Successful Completion:
All successful delegates will receive certification valid for one year

Required Equipment:  Note: An understanding of PFPE use is beneficial to understanding confined space.
Work boots (steel-toed preferred), cotton pants and cotton long sleeve shirts. PPE will be provided.