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Safe Access & Rescue Climber Course Safe Access & Rescue Climber Training Safe Access & Rescue Climber Class


Duration: 2 days/16 hours
Ratio: 6 students/1 instructor

This course is recommended for experienced technicians who  need to work at heights on wind turbines and who need a method of rescue and evacuation.


Designed around the specific requirements of theWind Energy Industry this course deals with access to a turbine using personal safety and rescue equipment. During the course students are taught the dangers of working at height, how to use lanyards, fall arrest harnesses, positioning equipment and the correct method of dealing with emergencies including suspension trauma and rescue. All students will be expected to rescue and be rescued, have a comprehensive understanding of issued PPE, have a basic knowledge of the cause, effect, symptoms and how to deal with suspension trauma.

• Describe the main dangers of working at heights
• Carryout a risk assessment of work at height & rescue issues
• Describe the main legislation that governs work at height and confined space
• Demonstrate the ability to select and use a range of PFPE for work at height
• Demonstrate the correct method of inspection, care and maintenance of PFPE
• General requirements, introduction to rescue & rescue equipment
• Correct fitting of harness
• Describe and demonstrate the correct method of inspection, care and maintenance of PFPE
• Suspension Trauma & emergency procedures
• Rescue equipment inspection & care
• Climb and work at height using lanyards & associated safety equipment
• Emergency evacuation techniques
• Ladder & hub rescue
• Rescue unreachable & self rescue techniques

Certifications/Completion Cards Received After Successful Completion:
Safe Access & Rescue Certification. Valid for two years.

Required Equipment:
Work boots (steel-toed preferred), cotton pants and cotton long sleeve shirts. PPE will be provided.

Note:Must have ability to climb 300 foot towers. Weight limit of 285 pounds (due to equipment specifications)