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Technician Safety & Technical Course Technician Safety & Technical Training Technician Safety & Technical Class


Duration: 20 days/160 hours
Ratio: 15 students/1 instructor

The Technician Safety & Technicial Course is recommended for anyone interested in an entry-level wind turbine technician position.


This course offers a complete complement of safety and technical modules designed to prepare new wind turbine technicians for an entry-level position. Students will be able to safely troubleshoot, diagnose, service and maintain a wind turbine. Self and Assisted Tower Rescue and CPR/First Aid/AED is included in instruction.

• Intro to theWind Industry and OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety
• First Aid, CPR, Self and Assisted Tower Rescue
• ElectricalMetering,Voltage Test Equipment,Voltage Test Procedures
• Schematics,Direct Current Theory,Alternating Current Theory
• Electric Static Discharge, Basic Hydraulics,Accumulator Charging
• Fiber Optics,Torquing, Fasteners and Equipment
• Control Algorithms, Substations, and Transformers
• Wind TurbineMechanical Systems & Electrical Systems
• Drivetrain,Gearboxes,Yaw System
• TurbineMaintenance and Service Practices,Troubleshooting, Site Documentation and Reporting
• Rotor Construction, Blade Pitch and Balancing
• SCADA and Data Analysis,Meteorology,Wind Turbine Power Curves

Certifications/Completion Cards Received After Successful Completion:
OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Card, Competent Climber Certification, CPR/First Aid/AED Card, Electrical & Electrical Metering  and Safety

Required Equipment:
Work boots (steel-toed preferred), cotton pants and cotton long sleeve shirts. PPE will be provided.

Note:Must have ability to climb 300 foot towers.