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Authorized Climber Class Authorized Climber Course Authorized Climber Training


Duration: 1 day / 8 hours

This course is recommended prepare individuals with little or no experience to be able to safely climb and work on various types and sizes of towers.

The course combines the cognitive and the psychomotor domains of training, which assures that the student will develop the knowledge base necessary to safely climb and work on towers, as well as the practical skill necessary to be able to safely perform his or her duty.  This Icourse meets or exceeds all of the recommended training called for in the NATE guidelines for Qualified Climber.

This course, in and of itself, is not intended to create “expert” climbers, nor is to be confused with any course designed to train competent climbers or competent rescuers. This is an introductory level training course that is designed to allow the student to develop the basic skills necessary for safe tower work.

• Regulatory safety standards
• Equipment commonly used
• Engineering controls
• Work practice controls
• Return demonstrations

In order to successfully complete the course, the student must attain a score of 100% on the written final, and must demonstrate proper techniques in all competencies included in the practical skill sets.

Certifications/Completion Cards Received After Successful Completion:
Authorized Climber wallet-sized certification card 

Required Equipment:
Work boots (steel-toed preferred), cotton pants and cotton long sleeve shirts. Bring PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)